Appia Road – VARIANT 1 Segment 26

From TERRACINA (Tarracina) to FONDI (Fundi) from SOUTH

We return to the route to Fondi from the South, as presented in Segment 12.

This variant that bypasses the ancient town passing directly by the harbour was made possible by the cutting of the Pisco Montano, the cliff that overlooked the sea and blocked the passage.

The cut wall, still visible today, is marked with 12 inscriptions, one every 10 feet (2.96 m) (*) indicating the measurement (2.96 m to 35.6 m) of the height of the cut from above.

With this immense work, Emperor Trajan (98-117 AD) left an indelible reminder of the construction skills of the Romans.

At the confluence of the itineraries from the north and south we find a semicircular building with a long seat almost built on purpose to make the wayfarer reflect on the work that has been carried out.


(*)  See roman foot

in glossary.