Appia Road Segment 22

From VENOSA (Venusia) to GRAVINA IN PUGLIA (Silvium)

Venosa (**) , the ancient Venusia, preserves various vestiges from Roman and medieval times.

The Appia road passes by the imposing building of the Abbey of the “S.S. Trinità”, an unfinished work from the 12th century, and heads towards the Cammera plain.

It then crosses some small streams and, following a sheep-track, passes below the town of Palazzo San Gervasio to arrive at the probable statio Ad Pinum, today Farm Tripputi, below the isolated Monte Serico (542 m).

It is assumed that after Farm Tripputi, the Appia road crossed the Basentello stream, which today forms the Lake of “Serra del Corvo”, and then reached Farm Costarizza, the ancient statio Silutum.

Gravina in Puglia (**), the ancient statio Silvium, is located on the hill of Botromagno, an important Peucetic centre (*).

On the way out of the city, the Appia road is easily recognisable, as a minor road to Castellaneta is called “Via Appia tarantina”.


(*)  See peucetics

in glossary.

(**)See : Gravina in Puglia,

are worth a visit.