Appia Road Segment 21

From SANTA VENERE bridge (Pons Aufidi) to VENOSA (Venusia)

At one end of the bridge was the statio Pons Aufidi, the ruins of which we can hardly see today.

In the same place, a medieval bridge and a railway bridge disrupted the original site.

The road in the direction of Venosa (Venusia) has left no traces on the ground, so it is assumed that it followed the ridge of the hills to the east of Melfi (*), corroborated by the existence of the Chapel of the Madonna di Macera in ancient times.

In this place, the beautiful Rapolla sarcophagus, preserved in the Melfi Museum, was found.

Unfortunately, neither a minor bridge nor a road layout has been identified and studied in this section.

The only visible find (seeĀ  G02 – Galliazzo n.209) are the two piers of a bridge common to the Herculia road near Venosa (Venusia).


(*) See Melfi

is worth a visit.