Appia Road Segment 18

From ARPAIA (Caudium) to BENEVENTO (Beneventum)

This segment is completely hidden under the SS7 – modern Appia road, but all the original old bridges were destroyed in World War II.

From Arpaia to Montesarchio, the ancient Caudium, is a single straight stretch across a beautiful plateau.

After Montesarchio, the Appia road crosses the Corvo stream several times with several bridges:

Рthe Tufaro with three arches for a total of 40 m and a width of 6.5 m (see G02 РGalliazzo no.226)

– the Apollosa (rebuilt) with three arches for a total of 26 m and a width of 6,1 m (see G02 – Galliazzo no.218).

– the Corvo with two arches of 7.5 m each (see G02 – Galliazzo no.220).

Along the road we find a 17th-century pontifical Epitaph (*) indicating the boundary of the territory of Benevento, an enclave of the Church State within the Kingdom of Naples.

Before reaching Benevento (Beneventum, formerly Maleventum), the Appia road separates from the SS7, to follow the Serratella stream and cross the Leproso bridge over the Calore river (see G02 – Galliazzo no.219).

A few metres before the bridge, a concrete (*) sepulchre is preserved.


(*)  See : concrete,

in glossary.