Appia Road Segment 09

From BORGO FAITI (Forum Appi) to MESA (Ad Medias)


From Borgo Faiti (Forum Appi) to Terracina (Tarracina) the Appia road was mentioned with the term Decennovius (*) as the distance between the two localities was 19 miles (*)(=28 km).

This segment, still buried by the modern Appia road, is accompanied by the adjoining canal of the same name, allowing the traveller the choice between continuing on foot or by boat.

This canal, historically from Roman times, was reactivated with the restoration of the entire straight by Pope Pius VI in the 18th century and today bears the name canal Pio VI.

Along the road to the left is a quadrangular cippus commemorating the restorations of Emperor Nerva (96-98 AD) and Emperor Trajan (98-117 AD). And again to the left another milestone.

Further on, with great care, we can distinguish the original road embankment on the ground level.

According to a study carried out at this point the roadbed, 50 foot (*) (=15.8 m) wide, was supported by an embankment built of limestone blocks 50-60 cm wide by 90-110 cm long.

Probably used in this way: paved roadway 4 m, pavement 3 m on each side and the rest for the towpath (*).

(*)  See : Decennovius
roman foot
roman mile

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