Rennes-Carhaix road Segment 8
Saint Caradec – Mûr-de-Bretagne


This segment has been affected by the reconfiguration of the land registry that occurred in France between 1950 and 1970. Much of the route is recognizable only by the limits of the old land registry of 1828.

It is therefore invisible in the Farms la Croix, le Guip, le Mareux , north of Saint Caradec until it reaches the place Colmain. Here, after a long straight stretch, it gets into the village Carmoise, where it meets (7th intersection) an ancient path not yet well studied.

This transversal cross is recognizable by the name of some land registry plots north of the sarcophagus and Chapel of St Elouan (who lived in the 6th century) and of the possible attribution at Saint-Gilles-Vieux-Marchè where another Roman road already exists.

Later the road follows the border of the municipality of Saint Guen-Saint Connec.

In this section, today hardly detectable for the above mentioned reasons, in 1888 the scholar De Keranflech-Kernezne (k01 – Keranflech-Kernezne) described the remains of a roman camp (Bernoue) of 33 acres, a tumulus (*) and a Gallic-era underground destroyed by agricultural use.

Finally, before getting on the Hill of Mûr-de-Bretagne, the Roman road crosses the River Poulancre 400m south of the Farm Kerhotesse.

It is assumed that in the square of Sainte Suzanne of Mûr-de-Bretagne, there was a mutatio (*).

(*)  See : tumulus,

in glossary.