Rennes-Carhaix road Segment 6
Place le Breuil Tual – Place les Parpareux


After leaving le Breil Tual the stretch follows the present road until the church of Plémet.

Then it goes towards le Prénessaye remaining downstream of the current way, it crosses the Le Lié River (affluent of the Oust) with an easier ford about 100 m downstream of the Pont Querra near an old mill.

The position of the ford is linked to the presence of a valley perpendicular to the river which avoids the steep slope of the hill which follows the river. This, according to J.-Y. Eveillard (e06 – Eveillard) was still used in the 50s.

From here the road climbs pleasantly from an altitude of 85 m to 140 m skirting the hill facing south.

After the Garlan Farm the road crosses the modern route at place le Billac and reaches place les Parpareux through place le Breil Gourio.

As in the case of the previous segment, we suggest the presence of a mutatio (*) at place les Parpareux because here we cross (6th intersection) the road Le Yaudet (Vetus Civitas) – Nantes(Condevicnum) studied by L. Marsille (m03 – Marsille) in the stretch located in the Morbihan department.


(*) See mutatio in glossary