Rennes-Carhaix road Segment 5
Place le Plessis (Matriniaca) – Place le Breuil Tual


For a first stretch, till one reaches place le Bois Binot, it is possible to follow the layout of the street.

Later on, only a very careful examination of the limits of the register of land properties allows the identification of the segment, also with the help of the typical local division of properties called “bocage”(*).

After crossing a wood you come across the Ninan River close to an old mill. On the other bank of the river the lay out of the road can be seen again going up to place la Mégrière and to place le Breil Tual.

Here we suggest a mutatio (*) because the Rennes-Carhaix meets here (5th intersection) another roman way called Corseul(Fanum Martis) – Vannes(Darioritum).


(*)  See : bocage,

in glossary.