Rennes-Carhaix road Segment 3
Iffendic (Ad Fines) – Place la Maison Rouge


In the suburbs fo Iffendic, where the way crosses the modern road to Montauban-de-Bretagne, one can spot in the countryside a cross road.

At this point an ancient route takes off from the Rennes-Carhaix (3rd intersection); the road Rennes(Condate)-Quimper(Aquilonia) towards Castennec (Sulis) described only the Morbihan Department by L. Marsille (m03 – Marsille) .

Continuing on this segment, the way can be recognized with some difficulty by following the limits and the names in the register of land properties such as “vieux romain” or “vieille rue”, “ville-grevelle” and “croix-chemin”.

Also the name “la Maison Rouge” where we can identify the continuation of the segment is of doubtful historical origin. The present building in red bricks does not look very old moreover at this juncture aligned with the stretch it is possible to make third ford on the Meu River.

Before reaching place “la Maison Rouge” at place le Bohu (Saint-Onen-la-Chapelle) the Rennes-Carhaix crosses the roman way (4th intersection) Corseul(Fanum Martis) – Rieux (Duretie) as shown on the Peutingerian Table (*).



(*) See Peutingerian Table in glossary