Rennes-Carhaix road Segment 2
Place la Salle – Iffendic (Ad Fines)


In this segment, we ascertain oddly that the road after a normal stretch climbs rapidly from an altitude of 40 m to 80 m and crosses a hill South of Monfort-sur-Meu. The crossing of the hill is “certified” by the general alignment of the road and the presence on the stretch of an old “leprosy house” (St Lazare) dating from the XII century, of an XI century church now destroyed at Coulon and of a Templar estate.

From place la Salle the road continues straight till the le Plessis Cohan Farm where it crosses the Meu River with a first ford. It continues protruding on the field level until it reaches le Vaux de Meu Farm.

From there going up quickly it reaches an altitude of 80 m and continues going down in the proximity of Bois de Buisson crossing the Meu River with a second ford at place la Ville.

Before reaching the suburbs of Iffendic the road meets another ancient road (2nd intersection) probably the Corseul(Fanum Martis)-Nantes(Condevicnum) road studied only in the southern part of the Ille-et-Vilaine Department by P. Banéat (b01 – Banéat). This road was quite important in linking two capitals of Civitas (*).


(*) See Civitas in glossary