Rennes-Carhaix road Segment 12
Place Rosquelven – Carhaix (Vorgium)


The Rennes-Carhaix road leaves the modern road (RN164) after place le Mustoir , it crosses a stream, passes by place Kerpuns from where it reaches place Kerbogne.

In the last segment, two additional roman roads join the Rennes-Carhaix.

The first (9th intersection) 1 km east of le Moustoir is the Carhaix-Vannes(Darioritum) road.

The second (10th intersection) in the Kerbogne, now absorbed by the urban expansion of modern Carhaix, is Carhaix-Corseul (Fanum Martis) road by Erquy (Reginae) at Mael-Carhaix see the milestone (*).

In the city of Carhaix there are remarkable archaeological vestiges and a Virtual Vorgium Interpretation Centre.(**)

The three streets now united in one are the decumanus maximus (*) of the roman Vorgium and form the main road of the modern Carhaix that continues up to the forum.

The Roman aqueduct of Carhaix, about 30 km long, it’s all underground and follows the general orientation of the Roman road, but with the sinuosity required to maintain the share to overcome the different gradient of the terrain.

(*)  See : decumanus maximus,

in glossary.

(**) The Centre worth a visit.