Rennes-Carhaix road Segment 11
Rostrenen – Place Rosquelven


From the city of Rostrenen , within which you fail to follow the path of the Roman road, one exit by crossing the stream Saint Jacques to place Bonne Nouvelle.

From here one follows the “Vieille route de Carhaix”  of about 5 km, which corresponds to the old roman road which stops at the junction with the D87 just before the place Ty-Mein.

At Ty-Mein instead the modern road RN 164 overlaps with that roman road for about 9 Km.

We have set in place Rosquelven a mutatio (*) exclusively to split the separate the stretch Rostrenen-Carhaix that would result excessively long.

Note also that from the hill of Rosquelven starts the Roman aqueduct that feeds Carhaix.



(*) See mutatio in glossary