Appia Road Segment 06

From CISTERNA DI LATINA (Ad Sponsas) to Junction to NINFINA ROAD (Tres Tabernae)


The Appia road crosses the modern road a few kilometres before the town of Cisterna di Latina and runs parallel to it, but further uphill.

Due to the urban expansion of this town, we follow the upstream route with difficulty, but just before the confluence of the ancient with the modern after the town, we encounter a sepulchre in poor condition.

The Appia road is used as a foundation from km 56 of the SS7 – the modern Appia road, up to the “Rupe di Leano” .

Not far from Cisterna di Latina, near the junction of the via Appia with the Ninfina road, the remains of the statio Tres Tabernae have come to light.