Appia Road Segment 05

From CAGNOLETTO Mount (Sublanuvio) to CISTERNA DI LATINA (Ad Sponsas)


From Cagnoletto Mount (Sublanuvio) starts the second straight stretch of the Appia road, angled 5° south-east of the first, 59 km long in the direction of the Rupe di Leano; a Rupe that only on clear days can be recognised with the naked eye from the hill.

This segment is characterised by numerous containment works (see points: POI 061POI 063POI 073POI 074POI 080 ) and hydraulic reclamation works that have now disappeared, or are difficult to see, necessary to pass over land furrowed by many small watercourses (see points: POI 079POI 085).

On the other hand, the original route, complete in many places with paving stones (see points: POI 058POI 059POI 060POI 067POI 068POI 069POI 078POI 081) is still a pleasant walk through beautiful countryside in the municipality of Velletri (see points: POI 062POI 064POI 072POI 082POI 083POI 086POI 087POI 088).

We also encounter the remains of an building above roman aqueduct and a medieval castle, and the bridge over the Mele stream, which is difficult to access.

Before the junction with the SS7 – the modern Appia road, at 48 km coming from Velletri, there was the statio Ad Sponsas.